November 1, 2017

Wait, what? It's November already?

Still A Record

I’m rather confident that three blog posts in a single year is a new record for me. To be fair, this one is a bit forced ( and that’s different how? ). They say that the trick to getting better at writing is to do it more often ( the word you’re looking for is practice ). Since I’m very confident that I’m the only person who ever visits this site, I should feel less self-conscious about the whole thing. And we’re back to the whole practice thing.

Lets see, the last post was back in April of this year. A lot has happened since then. In March I decided to relaunch this site ( for the umpteenth time ), which coincided with a low point in my work situation. I was working for a small technology company that had a strong pedigree, but was still plagued by the same lack of recognition that Infrastructure matters as I had experienced in the majority of my previous positions. It was a very disheartening experience. By March I had decided that I needed to start looking for a job doing something else. Relaunching this site was part distraction, part aspiration, and part finding something old school that I could hold onto. For many the same reasons, I decided to setup a home lab that was more substantial than a pile of Rasbperry Pis and locally running Virtual Machines. And then in June, I had a new job. 🎉

So, why post now? Well, it is November, and that means it’s NaNoWriMo time. I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo a couple times before, but both times they fizzled early ( faded after a slow start, as a former coworker used to say ). Will this time be different? I think so. I’m using the Ulysses App this time around, and have also shifted most of my writing, including this blog post, to Ulysses. I still have a number of details to work out with respect to how a blog post makes its way from Ulysses to the S3 bucket that this site is served out of without me having to hold its hand every step of the way. This post was absolutely performed by such a hand holding process, and I hope to turn the gradual automation process into future posts. 😎

Next week I’m going to be staying with my parent’s for a week to help out since my father is going to be recovering from a total knee replacement procedure. A lot has happened between April and November, and I expect to have a decent amount of free time on my hands to write some blog posts and keep up with my ~1700 daily word count for NaNoWriMo. I don’t have any plans to post the story writing to this site as I’m writing it. Even calling it first draft quality is a bit of an over compliment. But I may talk about the process a little. Lots of potential topics. That means I shouldn’t have any problem breaking this new record, right?

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